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Dr. M.Spenser- FL, United States
Propolis is a good anesthetic. Its action resembles the action of novocaine. You can take an alcoholic solution or a substance in plates. Wipe the gum with an alcohol solution, use it as a rinse, or soak cotton wool in it and put it on your aching tooth. And if you use propolis in plates, then if there is a cavity, plug the hole with a piece of propolis, and if you have a toothache under the crown or under the filling, then put a piece of the substance on the gum next to the diseased tooth. This is a very good and effective remedy for quickly relieving a toothache, but it should not be used for patients who are allergic to honey or other bee products. Drops of valocordin are also used as freezing, they are impregnated with a tampon, which is then applied to the gum, and in some cases, an ice cube or just an icicle helps, which can be swept over the gum over a sore tooth.

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You can use a solution of baking soda, table salt, or sea salt. To prepare the product, add a teaspoon of any substance to one glass of warm water. To enhance the antiseptic properties of the gargle, five drops of iodine can be dripped into the solution. A decoction of chamomile, calendula, sage, mint or calamus root helps to relieve pain well.

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If your first-aid kit is empty, you, for some reason, cannot get to the nearest pharmacy, or you have serious reasons that do not allow you to relieve pain with medication, then you can use proven folk remedies to relieve toothache. First of all, these include various rinses. If at the preliminary stage you used rinsing for better cleaning of the oral cavity, then to get rid of pain, the procedure should be carried out every fifteen to twenty minutes.

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To begin with, you should look into your home medicine cabinet, analgin, nurofen, ketans, citramone, paracetamol or ordinary aspirin will suit you - Americans in all cases prefer this particular remedy. However, take your medication seriously: be sure to read the instructions on the label, make sure you do not have any medical conditions that may contraindications to taking this drug, and never exceed a single dose and the recommended daily allowance for your chosen drug.